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RTL Most+ is now available for the majority of Telekom TV subscribers too

Starting today, the premium digital service of RTL Hungary, RTL Most+ has become available for subscribers of Magyar Telekom’s Super Family HD (Szuper Családi HD) and Super Family Cinema (Szuper Családi Mozi) TV packages.

Thanks to the agreement made between CLT-UFA HBD of the RTL Hungary group and Magyar Telekom, the programmes of RTL Most+ are available for every IPTV and satellite subscriber of Magyar Telekom’s Super Family HD and Super Family Cinema packages from the 12th of March 2021.

So, after the launch, most of Magyar Telekom’s TV subscribers can enjoy the digital service of RTL Most+, which is only available with a television subscription, and which can only be activated with a unique code requested from the television service provider. Customers eligible to receive the RTL Most+ code can find their unique code after signing into their Telekom account, next to their TV subscription entitling them to use the code.

For more information on RTL Most+ and accessing the codes, visit www.telekom.hu/rtlmostplusz.

RTL Most+ offers exclusive content; it gives early access to series before their TV premiere, while certain series are only available on this platform. Programmes here are interrupted by a much lower number of advertisements than usual.   On RTL Most+, channels of RTL Hungary can be viewed live, and users can enjoy them through Chromecast support.

Telekom subscribers having either of the above-mentioned packages can now access the exclusive content of the RTL Most+ platform.

RTL Most+ shows

Episodes of the newest season of Our Little Village* launched on the 20th of March will be available for the fans on the RTL Most+ platform before their TV premiere, from morning and throughout the day, just as the episodes of Tiger Dad season 2 ** which will also be available before they are broadcast on television, the same way.

News lovers can find out about the latest events in the news summary available every weekday from 10:00 p.m. on the RTL Most+ platform, before the late-night news.

Fans can watch the episodes of the popular Budapest Day and Night series on the RTL Most+ platform one workday before their television premiere.


There are new additions to the popular contents of the Hazai Extra (Domestic Extra) mini channel, NőComment!, Feleségek luxuskivitelben (The Real Housewives of Hungary), Ízig-vérig (Through And Through), 200 első randi (200 First Dates), Comedy Klub (Comedy Club) and Észbontók (Mindblown): season 5 and 6 of the illiteracy competition, in which celebrities guess at the knowledge of the players, and the road reality show Flúgos Futam (Drive Me Crazy).

Crime docudrama fans can enjoy browsing the constantly expanding contents of Igazi Krimi (True Crime). The newest series are available already: Gyilkos vagy áldozat (Accident, Suicide or Murder) and Phoenix Coldon rejtélyes eltűnése (The Disappearance of Phoenix Coldon). And added to the previous favourites, Bűnös lelkek (Criminal Souls), Elásott bűnök (Buried in the Backyard), az Óvakodj a szomszédtól! (Fear Thy Neighbor) and Végzetes vonzalom (Fatal Attractions), are new seasons of Titkok a csillogás mögött (Aaron Hernandez Uncovered) and Egy esküvő egy gyilkosság (A Wedding and a Murder), exploring true cases. 

* The series premiere of Our Little Village is available on RTL Most+ from 12 a.m. on 20 March.

** The series premiere of Tiger Dad is available on RTL Most+ every Sunday from 12 a.m.


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